Social Media Coordination

Why do you need social media presence?

Social media allows you to interact with your customers, attract new clients and build relationships with other companies in order to improve your online presence. Through SM channels, you can share news, market your products and services and offer customer support, raising brand awareness and increasing customer affinity. A well implemented social media strategy can generate leads and drive sales, contributing to your company’s growth.

What I do

  1. Create and implement the social media strategy
  2. Develop and post social media content
  3. Engage with the audience
  4. Monitor brand mentions
  5. Provide customer support

How I measure the results

Depending on the business’ profile and goals, KPIs can include:

  1. Engagement data – comments, shares, likes, followers
  2. Website traffic
  3. Leads or conversions
  4. Overall sentiment
  5. Mentions

Standard price for social media coordination services is $300/month.

The standard package includes the creation and distribution of 30 original social media updates/month. The SM updates can be text only, branded graphics, small infographics or a mixture of text/graphics.

If you’re not familiar with the above terms, please check the Social Media Glossary before asking for a personalized quote.