Content Marketing

What is content marketing?

Content marketing is a marketing technique consisting in the creation and distribution of valuable and relevant content across various channels, in order to attract and engage a target audience and generate leads, sales or other profitable customer actions.

Through content marketing one can create or increase awareness for a product, service or brand, while building professional and social connections. Customer acquisition and retention is the result of a well implemented content marketing plan.

What I do

  1. Planning – keyword research, topics identification, content calendar
  2. Writing
  3. Curation
  4. Optimization – SEO, SMO
  5. Distribution – SM, blogs, forums
  6. Analysis

How I measure the results 

Depending on the type of content required, KPIs (key performance indicators) can include:

  1. Page visitors – unique/new
  3. Time spent on page
  4. Bounce rate
  5. Pages per visit
  6. Inbound links
  7. Social shares
  8. CPC
  9. CPL
  10. Number of leads
  11. Conversion rate
  12. Number of followers / subscribers
  13. Referrals

Standard price for content marketing services is $600/month.

The standard package includes the creation and distribution of 8 blog articles/month, 500-1000 words/article. Each article is delivered with a stock photo that matches the topic. Additionally, the package includes 30 original social media updates/month, distributed across the various SM channels. The SM updates can be text only, branded graphics, small infographics or a mixture of text/graphics.

If you’re not familiar with the above terms, please check the Social Media Glossary before asking for a personalized quote.