Content Development

What is content development?

Content development refers to the creation of written, visual and audio content, with the purpose of increasing brand awareness, providing useful information and engaging with the target audience in order to generate profitable user actions.

What I do

  1. Identification of content’s key messages, tone and goals
  2. Keyword research
  3. Topics identification
  4. Content calendar
  5. Content development
  6. Optimization – SEO, SMO
  7. Guidelines for visual content

How I measure the results 

  1. Number of page views
  2. Engagement on blog posts – comments, shares
  3. SM engagement – shares, clicks, likes, mentions, comments
  4. Inbound links

Standard price for content development services is $400/month.

The standard package includes the creation of 8 articles/month, 500 words/article. Each article is delivered with a stock photo that matches the topic. Individual articles can also be purchased at the following prices:

  • $50/450-500 words
  • $75/501-750 words
  • $100/751-1000 words

If you’re not familiar with the above terms, please check the Social Media Glossary before asking for a personalized content development quote. For longer articles, please use the contact form and mention your specific requirements.