Content Management

As a business owner, you’re probably interested not only in connecting with a target audience and selling them your products, but also in building a powerful online presence. Being online is a necessity, and having a clearly defined message and a strong “voice” is a must for a company who wants to become a brand. To really stand out, you need not only a well-designed website, but also great content and a smart social media strategy, as these are the elements that matter the most when building your online presence.

People appreciate high quality services and products, but if you don’t humanize your brand, it’s a lot harder to turn visitors and customers into brand advocates. The best way to establish an emotional connection with your visitors is to offer them valuable information and great content. Fuel their need for novelty and uniqueness in a creative manner and offer them an outstanding online experience.

Don’t have enough time for these? Let me take care of your online presence while you focus on building the best products for your clients!

Online content management

As an online content manager, it is my responsibility to ensure the proper planning, development and implementation of your organization’s online presence, and to make sure your online voice reflects the company’s core values and vision.

My focus is therefore on:

  • planning the content strategy
  • creating the content calendar and marketing plan
  • coordinating the implementation across departments
  • developing valuable content and sharing it in order to increase brand awareness
  • maintaining a consistent feel throughout all pages and SM channels
  • overseeing writers, designers and marketers
  • tracking and analyzing all metrics

Standard price for online content management is $700/month.


Please check these pages for individual packages:

  • Content developmentI offer content creation services that include blog articles, copy for websites or marketing materials, e-books, newsletters, content for social media.
  • Content strategyI develop strategies for online marketing and provide guidelines for content marketing and social media marketing.
  • Content marketingI implement the content marketing strategy across the various online channels, with the purpose of increasing brand awareness, attracting new visitors, engaging the audience and generating leads.
  • Social media coordinationI coordinate the social media marketing activity and provide guidelines for maintaining a consistent brand voice across the various SM platforms.
  • Graphic design