As a business owner, you're probably interested not only in connecting with a target audience and selling them your products, but also in building a powerful online presence. Being online is a necessity, and having a clearly defined message and a strong "voice" is a must for a company who wants to become a brand. To really stand out, you need not only a well-designed website, but also great content and a smart social media strategy, as these are the elements that matter the most when building your online presence.

People appreciate high quality services and products, but if you don't humanize your brand, it's a lot harder to turn visitors and customers into brand advocates. The best way to establish an emotional connection with your visitors is to offer them valuable information and great content. Fuel their need for novelty and uniqueness in a creative manner and offer them an outstanding online experience.

Don't have enough time for these? Let me take care of your online presence while you focus on building the best products for your clients!

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Great copy and content can boost your sales and help you build trust and authority. Having over 6 years of experience in these areas, I'm ready to help you put your thoughts on paper, and find those words that can deliver your company's message in a convincing way, so as to turn visitors into leads and fans into brand advocates. Here's what I can do for you.

content writing

Content Development

What is content development? Content development refers to the creation of written, visual and audio content, with the purpose of increasing brand awareness, providing useful information and engaging with the target audience in order to generate profitable user actions. What I do Identification of content’s key messages, tone and goals…

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content marketing services

Content Marketing

What is content marketing? Content marketing is a marketing technique consisting in the creation and distribution of valuable and relevant content across various channels, in order to attract and engage a target audience and generate leads, sales or other profitable customer actions. Through content marketing one can create or increase…

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content strategy

Content Strategy

What is content strategy? Content strategy defines the planning of content creation, publication and distribution. It starts with the company’s goals and analysis of the current situation, involves the research of clients and the identification of the best channels and types of content for creating awareness, attracting customers and retaining…

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social media coordination

Social Media Coordination

Why do you need social media presence? Social media allows you to interact with your customers, attract new clients and build relationships with other companies in order to improve your online presence. Through SM channels, you can share news, market your products and services and offer customer support, raising brand…

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"It goes without saying that Andreea is an amazing writer. Her attention to detail and level of care towards a project is amazing. She puts her heart and soul into the work and it shows".

"On-time delivery always, prompt responses, revisions without any hesitation. I can't praise her enough. Very impressive!”

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